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Manage Remote Access Service (RAS) connections.This is a part of the Dial-Up Networking service, typically used to connect a PC to an Internet Service Provider.Dial a RAS connection: RASPHONE [-v] -f PhoneBook_file -d "PhoneBook_entry" Hang up a RAS connection: RASPHONE [-v] -f PhoneBook_file -h "PhoneBook_entry" Display RAS Status dialogue box RASPHONE -SOther RAS options: RASPHONE [-v] -f PhoneBook_file options "PhoneBook_entry"OPTIONS -a : Add new PhoneBook entry -e : Edit an existing PhoneBook entry -c : Clone an existing PhoneBook entry -r : Delete/remove an existing PhoneBook entry -v : Disable - &qt;&qt;grey out&qt;&qt; the option to rename the PhoneBook_entryTo use this command requires that Dial Up Networking Service be installed (via Control Panel - Networking)The default location for PhoneBook entries is &qt;SystemRoot&qt;System32


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