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Display, add, remove or set default printer.Syntax PRNMNGR [-options] [-s server][-p printer_name][-m driver model] [-r port][-u user_name][-w password]Options -l list printers -a add local printer -ac add printer connection -g get the default printer -t set the default printer -d delete printer -x delete all printersExamples prnmngr -a -p "printer" -m "driver" -r "lpt1:" prnmngr -d -p "printer" -s server prnmngr -ac -p "\serverprinter" prnmngr -d -p "\serverprinter" prnmngr -x -s server prnmngr -l -s server prnmngr -l |find "Printer name" prnmngr -g prnmngr -t -p "\serverprinter"

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