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Control Performance Monitor logging from the command line, this removes the graphical workload of Perfmon from the server making the reported values more accurate.The Data Logging Service (DATALOG.EXE) is a Windows NT Service that performs the same function as the Performance Monitor Alert and Logging facility.Syntax MONITOR setup MONITOR &qt;SYSTEMROOT&qt;SYSTEM32MyLogSet.PMW MONITOR start MONITOR stopKey SETUP is needed once only to install the service. Use START and STOP to Start/Stop logging. Save .PMW files from the PERFMON GUI under the file menu.Any graphical process running on a server will affect performance to some degree, most interactive programs (in particular the command prompt) will run faster when minimised.Monitoring Hard DrivesTo enable performance counters run:diskperf -y This enables the objects and counters for logical and physical disks .To enable performance counters for a striped array run:diskperf -ye To disable performance counters run:diskperf -Nor set in the registry HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesPerfDiskPerformanceREG_DWORD &qt;&qt;Disable&qt;&qt; = 1 Monitoring drive performance with perfmon will itself have a small impact on performance, any changes require a reboot and any errors will be logged in the event viewer. Disable perfmon when tuning is complete.Alternatives: Monitoring a server by running Performance Monitor from a remote workstation is a good alternative to the Data Logging Service that still gives accurate figures (and you don&qt;&qt;t need the resource kit to do this).

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